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Berkshire Farm Sanctuary

"It's a Wonderful Life!"


Our New Sanctuary Needs You!

Every living being shares the will to live. We have devoted nearly 40 years to the dogs and cats whose right is taken away by cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. Our shelter is small, but it has a limitless heart. Still, we have dreamed of a sanctuary where fields are there for running, where the broken can be healed, and where those that have been caged and terrified can live, finally, at peace.

We have found such a place! Our sanctuary is in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. It is a glorious place where we can extend our rescue mission to include farm animals in addition to the dogs and cats we have taken into our care. Those who have been faced with slaughter, factory exploitation, auctions, and whose lives have been wrought with fear and loneliness.

There is acres of grassy fields, spacious barns, and facilities for on-site veterinary care are a few of the comforts this sanctuary offers. But within the perimeter of this safe-haven is the most important healer of all…love.

Our sanctuary offers refuge to animal lovers as well, the farm house is available on AirbnB and we also have opportunities to work and volunteer, to become part of a higher purpose in this life. Our Farm Improvement Campaign is underway, and with your financial contribution, you can be a part of this noble mission. It is as much about changing each life as it is about changing the world. The will to live is only as viable as those who are willing to protect it. Please donate today. Their lives depend on all of us!


Dori Scofield~Founder/President